welcome to Roatan

ROATAN is an island off the northern coast of Honduras and formed by the Bonacca Ridge, which is an underwater mountain range. Located in the western Caribbean, Roatan (ROA™) is approximately 40 miles long and 3 miles wide.

  • Population: 45,000
  • Capital: Coxen Hole
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Currency: Lempira & US Dollars

Why Roatan is the best

The Bonacca Ridge is responsible for the formation of several small islands and Keys in the surrounding areas including the Island of Utila and Guanaja. Roatan is home to the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. There are three major coral reef formations in the waters around Roatan.

how to get there

Direct International Flights to Roatan

Roatan can be reached by any of a variety of direct international flights. The airport on Roatan, the Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport (code RTB), receives flights throughout the year from both domestic and international airlines.

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Popular Destinations

Some of Roatan’s most popular destination include
  • West Bay
  • Flowers Bay
  • West End
  • Mahogany Bay
  • Coxen Hole
  • Oak Ridge
  • Punta Gorda
  • Port Royal
  • Jonesville
  • Morat/Barbareta
  • Sandy Bay
  • Camp Bay
  • French Harbor
  • Milton Town


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Dive Sites

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these are some of the activities


if you are looking for a more family-friendly activity then south shore canopy zip line is the one. It is composed of 16 platforms and 11 steel suspension cables strung at various heights between the threes. South shore also has an Eco walkway with 8 suspension bridges that allow you to walk through the pathways spotting various of our native animals in the wild.

If you are looking for something a little more extreme, we recommend Pirates of the Caribbean zip line they have two different packages of Extreme you can either choose between the pirate extreme or extreme ziplines track, the highest zip line is a little over 300 ft. Mayan jungle canopy zipline.


You have so many options of snorkeling in Roatan, You can either do a boat tour which is not too expensive or you can just rent some snorkeling gear and walk right of the beach of West Bay and West End.


get in touch with nature with carambola hiking trail and observe the natural beauty of the island from one of the highest peaks they also have one of the largest Botanical gardens in Roatan.


Diving is a must do while on the island There’s a great variety of diving on the Bay islands and also, we are part of the southernmost portion of the Mesoamerican Reef which stands more than 500 miles. if you are certified or not Splash inn dive center is located in the heart of west end, they do from Bubble maker courses all the way up to IDC courses.

Rent a car

Another way to get around easily is getting your own little rent a car, you can take your own Island tour around the island without missing anything, this way you won’t have to charter taxi cabs or the bus. RoaCar Rentals offers some of the best prices on Roatan. Ask at your hotel front desk for this service.

Island Tour

Feeling like exploring via land? Book an island tour and get to know some of our local communities including Jones Ville, Oak Ridge and Punta Gorda, Mangrove (located in Jones ville) tours and some of our animal farms including Daniels Sloth Fram. An island tour can last from 4 hours up to 6 hours it all depends on what you guys are interested in more.


Enjoy the typical food

If you are traveling to Roatan Honduras here’s a couple of local dishes you may need to try out. Starting with a typical breakfast, In Roatan, a typical breakfast includes Eggs (either scrambled or sunny side up), Tortillas, beans, cheese, butter and fresh avocados (which are seasonal). or you can even try out what the locals call a “Baleada” for breakfast, a Baleada is flour toasted until cooked with beans and cheese inside, you can also add Eggs or bacon inside of the baleada.

As for lunch a typical lunch here on Roatan you can find a bunch of different varieties.

You can either have a Fresh fried fish accompanied with Fried plantains, Beans & Rice cooked in coconut oil and some good old homemade potato salad. Or you can try out the fried chicken accompanied with coleslaw, Bean & Rice.

Below you will find a list of the typical food you can try out if visiting.

  • Tamalitos
  • Machuca
  • Pastelitos
  • Tapado
  • Conch soup
  • Fried Meat
  • Sopa Marinera
  • Lion fish Ceviche

…and the list goes on but these are some of the Must try when Visiting Roatan, Honduras.


the most exciting dive sites

in our interactive map

explore our beaches

Half Moon Bay Beach

if you are staying in west end then half moon bay beach is just a five-minute walk away, it’s in the center of West End and are quite different from most beaches, it is less crowded and is great for snorkeling. There’s a map over at the marine parks office that gives you a little trail to find the sunken submarine that’s in the middle of the bay.

West Bay

It is located in the western part of Roatan and also described by lonely planet a “pitch-perfect” beach, white sand, crystal clear waters, and full-service resorts. Its also well know for diving as well of most of Roatan is, West Bay beach also has a variety of water activities including fishing charter and parasailing a very big variety of hotels but our favorite is the West bay Colonial in particular because they offer really good rates. Also, West Bay is just five minutes away in a water taxi to west end village for only $3 via water taxi.

Marbella Beach

If you are looking for a more quiet and peaceful beaches Marbella is fully recommended due to the location. It’s a gorgeous stretch of sand and most of the time its empty so if you and your friends are looking for something more private this is what we recommend.

Palmetto Beach

Which also offers vacations home and has a restaurant of its own is quite a drive in from the main street but has its own beach with a volleyball court and also other activities for you to have a good time along with friends.

Camp Bay Beach

It’s located on the east side of Roatan almost where the road ends on the island, where all of the locals enjoy during the weekend, it is one of the largest beaches on the island and completely untouched, there’s no hotels restaurant or developments on this gorgeous beach yet.